November 7, 2007

Christmas! What!?!

I can't believe it, I'm still working on My-So-Called Scarf! Arggggg!!! I haven't been doing too much knitting lately, so its at a stand still. I was planning on making all these things for people for Christmas, but I guess that's a no go. I mean seriously, Christmas is going to be here before we know it. Its already all in the stores. I was in Home Goods last weekend and they were full of holiday decorations. I had to stop myself from buying the Christmukkah decorations for my of my roomies is Jewish so we are a blended family this year which I'm actually very excited about! And by the way, if I hadn't mentioned it I LOVE my new apartment and the roomies! They are great! Anyway, it looks like only Dad will be getting a knitted gift this year. Next year I will be sure to plan better since I have ideas of what I want to knit people already. I just have to budget my time better.

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Lieke said...

This sounds so familiar. I'm always too late to start with my christmasknitting, so I end up knitting nothing for christmas at all. Well, one day, I WILL be organised.